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"ALL HALLOWS" 30 October- 04 November at Acquire Arts, 155 Battersea Park Road, SW8 4BU, I have a solo artshow over the Halloween period exhibiting some of my personal work from the last decade or so, including the peices I made for the FALLEN ANGELS show in Berlin last year and some new work too. Some of the sculptures will be for sale. More details in the ARTSHOW section.

I have also been asked to take part at a group show at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin called "MAGISTRATES" alongside such luminaries as Mark Ryden, David Stoupakis and Chet Zar in November. More details in the ARTSHOW section

Our work on Louis Letterrier's remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS is now complete. Current release date is March 2010. September sees the release of the Charles Darwin biopic "CREATION" starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. On a similar theme, thematically at least, we have just completed work on NATURAL SELECTION for Channel4 and RSA.

"YOUR HIGHNESS" a comedy fantasy movie currently shooting in Belfast is the latest to feature effects from Hollywood's hottest fx house Spectral Motion, with whom we worked on HELLBOY 2 THE GOLDEN ARMY. At Spectrals request we have supplied some troll makeups for the movie. As a final note on HB2 I was delighted to be a recipient along with Spectral Motion's Mike Elizalde and DDT's David Marti and Montse Ribe of a Fangoria Chainsaw award for best makeupfx...not sure what that is exactly. but as a longtime FANGORIA reader I'm pleased to have it!