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Santa Beluga. Banned in Milan!
Since April I have been working as animatronics workshop supervisor for Neil Corbould SFX on a new movie from legendary director Steven Spielberg. Based on a novel by Michael Malpurgo and the multi award winning stage play, "DARTMOOR" tells the heart wrenching story of a young farmhand and his equine pal Joey. When the British Army requisition the horse, his young owner cant bear the separation and heads off to the killing fields of World War One France to look for him. We have been tasked with creating about fifty static and animatronic horses and numerous english and german dead. The film is due for release in 2011 but expect a title change by then...

Just prior to this we built an animatronic walrus and penguin for a new british tv ad for Argos, and supplied some key effects for the second series of the dark comedy PSYCHOVILLE. New pictures from the ad can be found in the CREATURES section of the portfolio.

Also added in this section is a commission from american author Thomas Perryman who's crytozoological book about 'Raystown Ray', an eel like creature reputed to live in Huntington County Pennsylvania's Raystown Lake, features a number of photos of the bust I created for him.

I have contributed to a number of international artshows since december including Strychnin Gallery's 7 YEAR ITCH show in Berlin, the 8th SIN group show at the Congregation Gallery in Hollywood and the QUADRANT FANTASY show in Denmark. My piece Santa Beluga (pictured) for the Ketos 2.1 WHALELESS show at the Civic aquarium in Milan was banned by the authorities there who found issue with its juxtaposition of marine and marian imagery!
In september I will be exhibiting some pieces at THE GOBLIN KING'S COURT OF DISORDER alongside top faerie artist Brian Froud.
BLOOOM is a new strand of the hugely successful ARTFAIR21 which takes place in Cologne , Germany during October, and I am very excited to be curating an exhibit showing the personal work of numerous artists from the world of special makeup effects. The contributors are among my favourites and are drawn from both sides of the Atlantic. The show will feature pieces from Chet Zar, Steve Wang and Jordu Schell amongst the thirty strong line up.
Two shows Stateside follow this in November and December; artist Dan Berry's SUBTLETIES of CHARACTER show for the WWA Gallery in Culver City California, which also features work from Buddy Nestor and Tara Fitzgerald and many others, and the ZODIAC show at the Congregation Gallery in Los Angeles, for which I will be creating exclusive new pieces.

Due to work commitments I am afraid I cannot entertain workshop visits or folio reviews at this time .