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Danny Boyle's Production of Nick Dear's FRANKENSTEIN at the National Theatre
As predicted the new Steven Spielberg movie that I spent a large amount of last year working on, has reverted to its original title WAR HORSE. It's based on the original book by Michael Malpurgo and the very successful National Theatre Production of the same name. The film will be released later this year.

One of movies stars, Benedict Cumberbatch is also staring in the National Theatre production of Frankenstein. Along with Johnny Lee Miller he plays both the titular character and his creation on alternating nights in the new production which is directed by Danny Boyle. Creature Effects was of course responsible for the makeup effects on Boyle's '28 Days Later' and its good to be working alongside many of the cast and crew from that production including production designer Mark Tildesley, movement cordinator Toby Stephens, who also played the Black Brother in the movie 'Shrooms', and Naomie Harris who played Selena. The makeups for the creature are being handled by the National Theatres in- house team, but we will be creating the creature's bride for what should be a showstopping scene. The show runs from February 5th.

Back in October, we travelled to Cologne to exhibit at Blooom a new strand of that towns very successful contemporary Art show, ART FAIR21. As well as exhibiting my own artwork we were proud to show personal work from 20 other makeup artists from around the world, including, Steve Wang, Jordu Schell and Chet Zar. It was the first opportunity many art buyers have had to see the kind of work we do up close and personal and was very successful. As a result several other shows are planned for 2011/12.

I have also been pleased to exhibit work at a couple of art shows in the States during November and December , the ZODIAC show at The Congregation Gallery in Hollywood, and SUBTLETIES OF CHARACTER at the WWA Gallery in Culver City . In January I will be exhibiting in the CO JOINED IN 3D show at the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, alongside many other great artists from the movie, art, and toy design world.

January also sees the annual International Makeup Artists tradeshow at London's Alexandra Palace. This will be my last show curating the museum/gallery. I've decided that after ten years its time to hang up my hat but I am pleased to have been instrumental in the consolidation of what for many people has become one of the highlights of the show. My thanks go out to everyone who has exhibited personal work and valuable pieces from movie history with us over the years.

In February I will be exhibiting a new small sculpture at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin's Mad Potters Tea Party show which features pottery from The New English ceramics company. The show will be exhibited in London and New York later in the year.

2011 Looks like being another busy year for us at Creature Effects with a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline. Happy New Year!