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After the success of Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans remake it was inevitable that a sequel would be on its way soon. I along with many of the Creature Effects regulars have been engaged upon it since early february again working for Neil Corbould SFX. As with the first movie this is very much a CG driven project so our work has been mostly concerned with insert and static elements and body replication. It has also given me a chance to work on two of the movies main creatures for CG referencing.

Hot on the heels of this project I will be working on WORLD WAR Z, the film of the Max Brooks novel about a zombie apocalypse and starring Brad Pitt. Again for Neil Corbould SFX
we'll be working on extensive zombie carnage.
These projects will keep me away from the shop for much of the remainder of the year and as a result I am unable to entertain shop visits or portfolio reviews at this time.

I have two art shows coming up in June, one in Philadelphia and one in the UK. The US show is curated by one of my favourite artists, Buddy Nestor, and its great to be included in such an awesome lineup. Full details can be found in the Art Show section.

Finally many congratulations to former Creature Effects partner and founder Dave Elsey who won the 2011 oscar for his work alongside Rick Baker on last years THE WOLFMAN. Richly deserved.