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TRANCE, Danny Boyle's new movie which was made before his work on the Olympic opening ceremony finally gets a UK release at the end of March. The movie stars Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson and James Macovy and is rated R which hopefully means that much of our work on the project has remained intact...I hope so.
Movie work has been fairly thin on the ground during 2012, perhaps due to the Olympics, however we made some dead animals for the futuristic thriller HOW WE LIVE NOW, and some gore effects and makeup illusions for Raoul Girard's twisted love story IN A HEARTBEAT.
I spent a large part of 2012 working with Millennium FX on the new series of DOCTOR WHO the BBC's long running sci fi series. I designed, sculpted and applied numerous creatures throughout the forthcoming run.
Commercials included spots for the official Olympic drug testers Smith Glaxo Kline for which we built a number of detailled body interiors and for a trail for the Middle Eastern comedy channel for which we recreated a number of modern horror characters.
Throughout the last decade we have been developing training dummies for the London Air Ambulance service to demonstrate clam shell thorocotomy operations. This year we built one for the London Trauma Symposium which will hopefully mean that this operation sees wider use amongst Europes trauma teams.
I continued to exhibit sculptures during 2012 with numerous shows including the Herzenbrecher group show at Strychnin's Berlin gallery and shows for the Congregation Gallery in Hollywood and for The Beinart Surrealist Collective at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. I also exhibited at the New York Comic Con again through Strychnin. Shows thus far confirmed for 2013 include ATTENTION EARTH a 50's inspired group show in Berlin and a solo show, as yet untitled, at London's Milk and Lead Gallery during May. More details in the ART SHOW section.
Somewhere along the line last year Creature Effects slipped past its 20th year of operation whilst I entered my 50th. I celebrated this with the publication of my fantasy novel THE THIRD REALM which can be downloaded direct from Amazon by anyone with a Kindle or a Kindle app.