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FURY wrapped in the UK a couple of weeks ago after an arduous shoot. Davis Ayers film is set in the last few weeks of World War Two and tells the story of the last 24 hours of a tank named 'FURY' and the men who fought in her. The fine ensemble cast is led by BRAD PITT. A crew that featured many Creature Effects veterans supplied copious amounts of battlefield carnage for what promises to be an exciting and gritty war movie. The film is due to be released in November 2014.
Brett Ratners mega budget film HERCULES:THE THRACIAN WARS, has an august release date and stars Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Creature Effects created a fully animatronic wolf for the film for a scene that recalled Hercules' earlier encounter with Cerebus. The wolf was commissioned by the movies VFX department principally as CG reference.
In the early part of 2013 I continued working on a number of projects for my colleagues at Millennium FX, creating and applying makeups for the BBC's DOCTOR WHO and WIZARDS AND ALIENS. I also created a demon for the award winning Bloody Cuts short DONT MOVE, which was great fun and hugely enjoyable.
In May the MILK and LEAD GALLERY in London held a well mounted solo exhibition of my personal artwork and I also contributed to Berlin's Stychnin Gallery's MONSTER'S LULLABY show.
Currently running at the BLANKSPACE GALLERY in Oslo Norway is another solo exhibition featuring my personal sculpture work. Full details can be found in the ART SHOWS section of this site.