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UPDATE January 2005

Sometimes the time just flies by and we dont get to update quite as often as we'd like but we'll try not to leave it two years next time!

Currently shooting in Prague, DOOM, features some creature effects supplied gore, we have just finished similar duties on the movie VICTIMS which has been shooting in Italy, Luxembourg and the UK.

Two projects kept us away from the workshop for most of the first half of 2004; Ridley Scott's forthcoming KINGDOM OF HEAVEN which saw us working as part of Neil Corbould's special effects team, producing over 120 corpses and 80 dead horses/camels both here in the UK and on location in Morocco, and SEED OF CHUCKY, for which Alan and crew of creature effects regulars decamped to Bucharest to puppeteer Tony Gardner's killer dolls for the latest instalment in the CHILDSPLAY series.

Cliff spent a couple of months last summer in Ireland supplying battlefield carnage, again for Neil Courbould Special Effects, on the movie KING ARTHUR. A ratings change unfortunately meant that most of the work never made the final cinema cut, although a lot of has been reinstated for the Directors Cut DVD release. We're hoping that an exploding head we built for the forthcoming Kevin Costner starrer THE UPSIDE OF ANGER doesn't suffer the same fate.

We recently spent some time in Cuba filming a a chimp prosthetic for a Spanish fruit juice commercial, and we've also supplied prosthetic work for Direct Line Insurance, and Capital One and Mint Cards.

Recent TV work has included prosthetics for ITV'S long running cop show, THE BILL and for the first series of its forensic spinoff MURDER INVESTIGATION TEAM-MIT. We also duplicated an egyptian mummy for Discovery Channels SEARCH FOR NEFERTITI, and supplied prosthetics for Celia Imrie's appearance as a food allergy sufferer in JOHNATHAN CREEK. Two puppets with incredibly long names for the latest in the BBC's ' WALKING WITH' franchise, have recently been packed off to the States. We built a 2 metre long Hynerpeton - a slightly goofy looking giant newt, and a Cephalapsis - a primitive armoured fish, for the tv special which is called LIFE BEFORE DINOSAURS. We also supplied a corpse for the BBC's RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES with Rupert Everett, and a stop motion decomposition effect for a documentary about VESUVIUS and the destruction of Pompeii.

The promo for the COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE video BLIND PILOTS features a Pan-like creature who later transforms into a goat via a combination of prosthetic and puppet effects, whilst the video for FRANZ FERDINAND'S debut single GOING OUT was shot entirely from inside a creature effects built puppet mouth. Long time collaborator Dom Hailstone's video TRANSMISSION for VIOLENT DELIGHT, put into practise some of the prosthetic/ digital combination effects which we had to abandon for 28 DAYS LATER and gave a good indication of how Rage victims could have looked in that movie...

After last year's MASSIVE ATTACK collaborations with photographers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones we worked on the images for the debut album from SYNTAX, MECCANO MIND.

Photos from most of these projects, and some new personal work have been added throughout the PORTFOLIO galleries.

Huge thanks are due to everyone who's worked for us, and made us look good, over the past two years. Thanks are due also to all the contributors to the 2004 Make Up Artist Magazine European Tradeshow Museum. We'll be there again this year, and will be presenting talks on forensic fx at both IMATS and WARPAINT - THE EVENT. In February we're pleased to welcome top creature designer Jordu Schell for an intensive European workshop at creature effects. You can read an interview with us in the JAN/FEB 2005 issue of WARPAINT magazine, which among other things extols the virtues of using cheese and string in makeup effects!

If you're mad enough to be considering a career in makeup effects please take a look at the FAQ page before contacting us