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Our January 2003 news, if you missed it at the time ...

2002 was dominated by our work on the forthcoming kids movie HAIRY TALE which stars Mathew Modine and a creature effects created chimp/gorilla hybrid called Clemens. Its a kid's movie and the chimp does Kung Fu so its not exactly National Geographic - but a lot of fun nevertheless. Although the principal photography wrapped in June we are still making regular trips to Nice to shoot additional scenes. In between we managed to come up with a couple of exploding dummies for the forthcoming Madeline Stowe movie OCTANE. We also supplied and applied some prosthetics on a new American cop series "Keen Eddie" which is currently shooting in the UK, and made some butterfly puppets for a Sky TV ident and some big characatured heads of rugby players for a BBC Sports ident. We also made an anatomically stripped dummy for a documentary on Leonardo Da Vinci, an applied a prosthetic pregnant belly to Anna Friel for the TV movie "Watermelon". In November of we worked with photographers Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones and MASSIVE ATTACK's 3D on some artwork for the band's long awaited new album.

Some new work from these and some personal projects have been added throughout the site.

Our June 2002 news, if you missed it at the time ...

Since our last update we’ve seen a significant shift in the kind of work we’ve been doing. Suddenly movie work’s back on the agenda, although the first film we worked on in this period, the thriller FINAL CURTAIN with Peter O’ Toole for which we made a crossbow bolt in the throat gag, has yet to appear. More fun was a couple of effects for cult director Alex Chandon's CRADLE OF FEAR, an over-the-top 80's style horror anthology, which included a spider baby puppet and a gruesome amputation scene. On the big budget front Cliff worked as prosthetic sculptor on Shaker Kapoor's remake of THE FOUR FEATHERS for Neil Courbould Special Effects, before decamping to Beirut for a war film based on the Arab Israeli war called THE LABYRINTHE. On the same tack we both worked on the Ridley Scott war movie BLACK HAWK DOWN about the US' involvement in Somalia with Cliff spending the first half of the year on location in Morocco. During early 2001 Alan returned to Beirut for more work on 'The Labyrinthe' before going to Prague to work for Steve Johnson's XFX on the vampire movie BLADE 2 where he applied Reaper makeups.

Regrouping in June of 2001, Creature Effects set about creating the dummy and animal effects for Danny (Trainspotting) Boyle's forthcoming end of the world movie 28 DAYS LATER our biggest company project so far and a joy to work on. We built some 60 bodies for the film together with numerous chimp puppets and makeup effects. Our thanks go out to our colleagues at many of the other UK effects shops who helped us out.

In February 2002 we started work making stunt chimpanzee suits for the movie HAIRY TALE, producing two suits and numerous stunt and animatronic heads. By the start of filming , these stunt suits which were supposed to double for real chimps had become foreground suits, and the real chimps had been axed completely. At the time of writing the movie is shooting in Nice, France, and we're pretty pleased with the stuff that's been shot so far. Expect to see some photos here in the near future.

Our stills work for Camel cigarettes has continued, and commercials have included an electric eel for Lee Jeans, more fish for a Magic FM spot and the Levis 'Twisted to Fit' campaign which won a golden arrow for best crafted ad of 2001.

Promo work has dropped off recently but we did get to do old age and transexual makeups for the Dum Dums "You Do Something To Me " and a banraku style skinny model puppet and some Jessica Rabbit like prosthetics for girl group Benefit.

We finally got to make some aliens, (unfortunately to someone elses design), for the German Sci Fi TV show 'Ice Planet', and spent a couple of weeks applying makeups on the Speilberg produced war series 'Band of Brothers.'

All in all its been a busy time at creature effects and you'll find a selection from the projects mentioned above together with some new personal work below. We were delighted to be asked to contribute to Make Up Artist Magazine 's lab tech column this year and our columns will be reprinted in the articles section of the site in the near future. In January 2002 we also stepped in at the eleventh hour to organise the museum for the first European Makeup Artist Magazine Tradeshow, the show was a big success and were indebted to those who contibuted work to the museum including Stuart Freeborn, Chris Tucker, Daniel Parker, Bob Keen and Image Animation, Neill Gorton and Millenium Effects, John Humphreys, Kate Hill, Andy Garner, BBC Wigs, Colin Shulver, Andy Hunt, Neil Corbould FX, Josh Weston & Bill Turpin.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us through the site and to everyone who has worked for us, particularly the crews on our movie projects. 'The Labyrinthe'- Ian Morse, Dave Mundin, Sean Kenrick, Stuart Conran, Anthony Parker, Tristan Versulius and Gail Sherwood '28 Days Later'-Adrian Getley, Andy Garner, Anthony Parker, Ian Morse, Lisa Crawley, Kate Hill, Justin Pitkethley, Barry Gower, Tristan, Robin & John Schoonraad, Miho Suzuki, Dee Sherwood-Wallace and Dom Hailstone. 'Hairy Tale' - Dave Bonneywell, Andy Garner, Anthony Parker, Lisa Crawley, Tristan & Robin Schoonraad, Duncan Jarman, Annette Rudin, Melanie Garrick, Danielle McAuley, Mark Hunter, Guy Stevens, Vicki Coleman, and Simon Webber .

If you're interested in finding out how to get into makeup effects please check out the faq page.

Our previous news, if you missed it at the time ...

It's been a year of changes at Creature Effects. Following a brief spell at Bray Studios, onetime home of Hammer Films, we've now moved to a larger shop in Uxbridge - close to our former base in Pinewood Studios. Dave Elsey has left the company and is in Australia working for the Henson organisation on the Farscape tv series and as a result you'll notice a lot of changes in our folio section.

Work during 1999 was varied and sporadic and included promos for FatBoy Slim, Lamb and Breakbeat Era, stills work for Camel Cigarettes, overseas commercials for EB Beer and AGF insurance, and providing puppet dogs for the movie 'Creature'. Tv work during this year included prosthethics for the BBC comedy 'The League of Gentlemen'. Since the New Year we've done stills work for Microsoft, and constructed an animatronic mountain cat for a Rowntrees commercial. We,ve also supplied a minotaur makeup for a promo by German industrial band Einsturzende Neubaten and provided lab services for the tv movie Monkey King.

New tv work has included contributions to Imogen's Face and the forthcoming Martin Clunes comedy, Hunting Venus. For this we made Neil Morrissey a pair of silicone gel appliance breasts for his role as a transexual pop singer!

Recent film work has included GREGORYS 2 GIRLS and the dark thriller THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES